Anyone see a stranger factory defect in a tennis ball than this? *pic*


A member of my tennis group bought a case of Costco Penn's and opened a can Sunday at our doubles. We were using 4 courts, I was never on the court with the balls in question.

Anyway after almost 3 hours I was getting ready to leave and I heard that court talking about broken strings and a 'razor blade' in the ball. So I take a look and yeah there is sharp metal inbedded in the ball! It did not puncture the ball (had full pressure) and apparently before the ball got worn down it was not too noticeable and 3 players broke strings until they realized the defect. You would think they would notice a bit of metal in a ball but they didn't until it was super obvious (these are 4.0 players if it matters). I'm surprised they didn't cut a finger!

My guess: Can lid broke off during manufacturing and got stuck in the can see what looks like a sharpened edge. The can looked fine, the other two balls were fine. It was the first can in the case he opened.




I don't know what's stranger- that bizarre-shaped piece of metal, or players not noticing the erratic bounce/feel of a ball with that embedded in it!