Anyone see the Kournikova-Novotna exhibition?


As if we don't have enough tennis already on tv with wimbledon Fox had 3 hours of kournikova- Novotna, mac- courier and some mixed dubs. I watched the Anna K and Novotna match and it was pretty ugly for Kournikova. She lost pretty badly to Novotna who looked old enough to be her mother. Novotna was much slower and really didn't hit the ball very hard but played a smart game and basically played high percentage tennis while Kournikova was spraying balls all over the place. She is so far from returning to the WTA that I can't ever see her doing it.


That is pretty embarrassing considering that when Novotna retired she didn't pick up a racquet for a few years and said, until this year, she had absolutely zero interest in playing again.