Anyone super picky about socks?


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I am super picky about socks. I can't stand tight socks because it feels like my circulation is being cut off. It takes me a while to find a line I like. I mostly wear Adidas climacool superlite socks since they are thin and don't squeeze my feet.


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Trusox are great ...both for football (soccer in US) and tennis. Too bad I’m mostly playing on red clay and those socks don’t last long so any bigger investment in socks is quite pointless.


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Anyone have info on the cushioning of the Nike Multiplier or Nike Cushion Crew vs. Nike Elite socks?
In terms of cushioning, I find the nike elite to have the most, followed by the cushion crew, and then the multiplier. Just tried the multiplier for the first time and not nearly as cushioned as the elite, but I do generally like socks better after they've been washed a couple of times.


I am. I want grip in my tennis shoe and I need an insole that helps provide that along with the sock. I feel like a lot of players use slippery and thin running shoes and just don't know what it's like to be truly locked into your shoe without the foot moving separately within the shoe. Huge difference when it comes to footwork.

I really like the solinco socks. Not so much a fan of thorlo. It seems, for me, that the more coarse and cotton socks grip much better than the synthetics.
Yes. My favorite socks were New Balance with a higher cut. I can't find them anywhere now. They were so snug and comfy. I have the new version from New Balance, but it's not quite the same. I think they went cheaper with too much polyester.


From the ones i tried, adidas alphaskin are the best.

I really disliked Thorlos, though, those are just like putting your feet inside an oven.


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Storelli insole! You can buy on Amazon. It definitely grips. Might even be too much but that's a solid answer to my call. Very cool insole. I cut out the heel thing so you can too. You might really like it. You might find it too grippy but it is good to know either way.
So I'll just say these are a God send. They grip for sure and that's perfect for me.

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So I'll just say these are a God send. They grip for sure and that's perfect for me.
I love and hate them haha. Honestly for tennis I think it's too much. My feet can't handle the grip but it sure is amazing. I wish they were maybe 2/3 the strength they are but damn, game changer for sure. I might like them better for running.

Might try again soon though.


I like:
they are cheap, fit tight, durable, and have good cushioning
I will second Artengo socks. I use RS 900 tennis socks. Have to concentrate to put them on as they are labelled left and right!


Never been picky about socks for some reason. Have a closet full of each and every brand and kind imaginable. I've noticed that over time the length of my preferred socks has gone down from full crew length to maybe quarter high. But that too hasn't been that big of a deal breaker for me. Last pair of socks were from Uniqlo that wife picked up for me and those have been pretty good.