Anyone Tell Me Anything About This Bag?


I;ve been needing a bag for a while and always loathed those big showy six pack bags. This one seems really modest and simple while still attaining the quality of today's bags. Probably without all the thermo pockets of course. But what would I need it for? I'm just a chubby little 3.0 from California with a few too many rackets =D. The sun will almost always be shining here. Except the exception of this spring lol.

Edit: I got the bag and i love it. I always hated the big flashy tournament bags, but this basic black and white Wilson bag holds six rackets with a small pocket for phone/keys/wallets and a shoe/ball/waterbottle compartment on the bottom. So basic, sleek, simple and all round practical for what i want to use it for.
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you know....TW has a pretty darn good selection of bags at good prices. in fact they got a march madness bracket thing where some items may be 50% off. including bag