Anyone tried out the Luxilon Smart String yet?

I actually haven't heard hardly anything about it other than that it has a tension range of 40-48 pounds. I've seen the marketing pitch for it once or twice and that's it; no ads/hype like the Clash, no reviews from anyone yet, etc. I'm very interested in it though and hope that I can try it soon.
Had a couple friends have a pack, however their stringers haha and not to knock on their review, but they dont really play haha.

However all I heard is that the string has a "feel" during the stringing process that is a bit rubbery (his choice of words)

I'm excited apparently the way it is composed the material at high impact flexes or forms up making it a more controlled type string on higher impact.
Sounds smart to me... I think retails at 20usd or 280-90ish reel
Yeah, that's all I've really heard as well: on full swings, it stiffens up for control, but on lesser impacts, it's softer for greater touch. If so, this could be fantastic. But there have been plenty of products in the past with big hypes and interesting marketing ideas that didn't turn out to be anything revolutionary like it was supposed to. I'm definitely optimistic, especially since they specify that it needs lower tensions than normal, but still a little skeptical until I can actually try it myself.
i finally got to hit with it yesterday
its a comfortable feel string
its a mix of poly/synthetic, in a pizza pie configuraton, black/grey color
similar contruction/configuration of lux.element
anyway, it plays like a stiffer synthetic gut,
i strung it up 3lbs higher than my normal poly setups
next time ill go up another 2 lbs to dial in the tension for me,, thats right around the synthetic gut tension range i string, multis ill usually go up a couple more lbs..
anyway, its a worth while string to try
it should fit perfect for with the wilson.clash racquet, since it would benefit from a power oriented string..

I played with it in a Clash Tour and the whole set up felt kinda weird. Hard to tell if it's the racquet or the string but it's was super slingshot feeling. I also played the Clash with NXT 16 which felt more pillow but both have lots of power
I hit with it a little a while ago. May have been the fact that it was in an ultra 100, but it didn't feel particularly nice. In fact it felt pretty odd.