Anyone try Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 4 or 5?

Kevin T

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Thinking of buying these blind from TW Europe, as not available in the US. Particularly interested in how they fit vs Wave Exceed Tour. I'm a 13 in most running shoes but the Wave Exceed Tour fits a bit long and I'm good with a 12. Also looking for comfort/performance comparisons. Muchos Gracias!


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I have played with both the Wave Exceed Tour 3 AC and the Wave Intense Tour 5 AC. IMO, the Exceed Tour 3's are both longer and narrower than the Intense Tour 5's. I would have gone down a 1/2 size on the Exceed Tour 3's. My foot is also average width, but I felt the Exceed Tour 3's were a bit too snug on the sides. The Intense Tour 5 is an awesome shoe. It had the proper length and it is wider than the Exceed Tour 3, especially in the toe box. If you have worn Asics before, the Exceed Tour is compatible to the ASICS Solution Speed Series, and the Intense Tour is like the Asics Gel Resolution series. I also order my Wave Intense Tour 5's from Europe, and they are well worth the shipping cost and potential custom charges. I like them better than the Asics Gel Res 7, which was my go to shoe, and I even prefer them to the Asics Court FF2. I would recommend that you try.


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I agree about the Wave Intense Tour 5. The shoe is amazing on hard court, especially as I am used to playing on sanded astroturf. Very comfortable underfoot and light enough to get around the court.