Anyone try the Babolat Gold Championship ball?


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They loose the tight feel out of the can pretty quickly, it gives you an initial impression the ball will die quickly but once it settles, it kind of stays there and the pressure may hold for a few days, so you can use the balls for hitting or practice. The ball feels a little softer and the felt puffs more than Dunlop, but the playability is average and acceptable like any other "championship"/entry level ball under $3/can.

The one thing I noticed is that they are more sensitive to temperature, down here in TX during fall at 4pm the court would be at over 100ºF but at 8pm would be under 80ºF, and the ball would feel considerably softer and more squeezable when playing on high heat than on a cool evening. I can find these locally at $2.50/can and for the price they are well worth the try, maybe in an indoor court these balls would work great but for outdoors I like other options.