Anyone try these shoes?


I have a new pair of Yonex Sonicage. I have worn them only once. They don't have as much arch support as the Eclipsion. So for me they were not as comfortable as most Yonex shoes. But I still stand by Yonex as the best shoes out there. I suggest you upgrade to the Eclipsion. They are the best shoes on the market. Best cushioning and support.


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If youve tried them what are your opinions?

Yonex sonicage

Wilson rush comp

Nike court lite
For the Yonex Shoes I tried the Power Cushion Eclipsion and the Sonicage shoes. Contrary to various comment I didn't like and feel good in the Eclipsion cause it's a very stiff shoe: upper and outsole and quite heavy. Then the fit is particular: wide in the heel (--> heel slippage) and very tight/narrow in the forefoot. I don't have wide foot but I didn't feel well in this shoe. Whereas the Sonicage is the opposite, lighter and softer (upper and outsole), wide enough in the forefoot contrary to the Eclipsion. The arch is quite low indeed as the previous comment said but it's a very comfortable shoe. However it's a mid range shoe so the cushionig would be less important than a very high end model. But I found the cushionig quite responsive even if there is not tons of cushioning.

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