Anyone try Tyrol's outdoor pickleball shoes yet?


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supposedly all very heavy, stable, wide toe'd options

Striker Pro Vibram

Drive Vibram

Volley Vibram


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I play. In tennis shoes and basketball shoes. I can’t see the need to get something special for Pickleball as it doesn’t need any special support or movement in the shoes over other racket sports. Use basketball indoors as get better grip on sports hall floors

whilst I understand the principle of what they are doing in the design and have valid points, never having had toe jam in pickle But having done so in tennis, I can’t see the need. Whilst pickle is dynamic forwards and sideways as played by the more athletic players, there’s not the distances covered at speed that I think created my toe jam, due to the momentum I had to stop.
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Stay away from them. They are low quality. When they first launched they used a VERY soft rubber for the outsoles. The shoe would wear down to the midsole within 10 hours of hard pickleball play. I assume that the same wear would happen within 4 hours of tennis.

The company did address this problem with their new partnership with vibram, but I do not have first hand experience with the new outsole. Tyrol still has not addressed the problems with the upper, though. The build is decent, but you can tell the quality from the pictures above. It's nothing special and is not very durable. I would equate it to the quality of the Asics Gel Dedicate.

Fit wise... They are wider, but again it is nothing special. The fit is pretty equivalent to the Adidas Ubersonic 3.

The shank is also not carbon fiber. It's just a paint job.

Some of the 3.5-4.0 pickleball players LOVE them, but I think they are brainwashed by the advertising. 2 of the best women in pickleball are sponsored by Tyrol. They have huge followings that will buy whatever they are using. If are are super interested in trying them, though, go brave the waters of the pickleball forum on facebook. If you search Tyrol you'll find 1000s of 10% discount codes.

Edit: Are you familiar with the Fila Alfa II? The upper durability of the Tyrol shoes is also very similar. Probably more so than the Dedicate.
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Are there ratings for pickleball?
Yeah, it's similar to NTRP. They go from 1.0 - 6.0. The ELO formula they have in place for them sucks, though. As a 3.0 you will still go down in rating even with a loss in 3 sets to the highest ranked players in the system.

It's also insanely hard to increase your rating. The main tournament software system has a contract with the governing body of pickleball to be the only system that can run "sanctioned" tournaments, which are weighted more towards a players rating. If I remember correctly, TD's have to pay a flat fee in the 100's to the software company and then a ~$15 fee per person that enters. If a TD sanctions their tournament then the may not even break even so a majority of tournaments that someone plays will only weigh 30% towards their final rating.

Ratings are also on a 3 year rolling basis, too. It's a mess.
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