Anyone using a prostaff 6.0 95 with lead tape?

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by JeeRaahL, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. JeeRaahL

    JeeRaahL New User

    Aug 4, 2004
    Anyone using a prostaff 6.0 95 with lead tape, can you guys tell me how much and where you added the lead tape? Also possibly why? Thanks.
  2. JeeRaahL

    JeeRaahL New User

    Aug 4, 2004
    Basically, I'm trying to make my ps 6.0 95 into more of a baseliner/all court racquet. Any suggestions?
  3. sinoslav

    sinoslav Rookie

    Feb 21, 2004
    I've put about 2-3g each at 2 and 10, and I also have a couple of grams under the grip. Somehow my 6.0 95 is a bit less head-light than is typical, so it plays about 8 points head-light right now. Swing weight is probably around 320+ now. Quite nice.
  4. RedGinseng

    RedGinseng Rookie

    May 30, 2004
    My racquet was heavily loaded with lead tape at 2 and 10 o'clock (total weight was 392gram) Finally I was sick and tired of swinging that monster. Always late at the net when my opponent hit fast passing shots, no physical problems but sometimes it seemed like I couldn't control the power of my racquet with my eastern forehand grip. so I decided to take off some of the lead tape attatched and the lether grip. and I added an replacement grip and a overgrip.

    Now 4 grams of lead tape at 2 and 10, It's more headheavy than the stock version due to the fact that I replace the leather grip with a replacement(synthetic?) grip. It's more like a baseliner stick now. quite good at net, too. I'm very satisfied with this set-up.
  5. bee

    bee Semi-Pro

    Jun 21, 2004
    Criticism you'll hear of the PS Original 95 is that it requires a lot of lead tape to be really solid and powerful enough. I tend to agree. I have a couple. Took the leather grip off and put 1/2" lead tape around the butt of the handle and four 1/2" strips (about 3 inches each in length) along the larger sides of the handle. Built the butt up some with 1/2" adhesive tape. Wrapped it with Tournagrip XL, no padded grip. Then, put a small strip of 1/2" lead on each side of the throat and 1/4" strips at 3, 9 and 12 o'clock on the head. It's pretty heavy but solid and powerful if you can get it around. I really like it for the volley at net and drop and block shots as the weight of the racquet does much of the work.

    But, it is tiring to play with. I should take a little of the weight off. Just about two weeks ago I received a Vantage 95 with the highest flex and weight option and the more open string pattern. It's very nice and I'm playing with that now. But, for the volley, block and drop shots it needs a little more weight. So, tonight I'll add a bit of weight to the handle, throat and head. It's a bit stiffer than than the PS 95 so shouldn't need as much added weight to suit me. Not as much as stated above. Probably about half that. Should be really nice! Will play with it Friday morning. Yippee!

    All these are strung with Babolat VS Team Gut at about 54#. Use the Babolat string savers and really like that setup.

    The PS 95 is a good racquet, but I think I'm going to like the Vantage a bit more. Enjoy!
  6. BigK35

    BigK35 New User

    Aug 3, 2004
    Some of you people went a little overboard with the led tape :p .

    I only use 4 grams total at 3 & 9 O'clock. So 4 inches of 1/2 inch thick led tape on each side. I really like the low swingweight and didn't want to tamper with that to much. Right now my racket is super stable and is much better all around then when I started. The racket is really a joy to play with, it swings even lighter that a Babolat Pure Drive and has just the right amount of power.

  7. As long as you have more lead than graphite, you're all right.
  8. Alex

    Alex Semi-Pro

    Feb 20, 2004
    Hi JeeRaahL,
    I once added 6 inches of 1/2 lead tapes from 7 to 10 and 2 to 5 o'clock on the face of the Wilson PS6.0(95). Total weight added 6 gram. After that, the racquet feel pretty evenly balance. It all depend on the person, i guess. If you can handle the weight, the added weight will be a plus to your game.

    The reason that i did that is to put more mass on the PS6.0(95), to me it was extremely headlight in stock version at10 point head-light.

    You will eventutally feel a big difference after the weight been added. You will get more plow throgh feeling and added stability on miss-hit, personally i felt a boost in the control department. Overall the feeling is soo sweet. I've nothing bad to say about it.

    I sold my PS6.0(95) 4 years back to someone i see around in the club. He is still having my old racquet with the same setup. And bought 1 extra for back-up and customize it to the same setup as mine.

  9. Lambsscroll

    Lambsscroll Hall of Fame

    Oct 22, 2004
    United States
    Best thing to do is go out on the court with lead tape in your pocket and expirement.

    If you want to try a lighter headed racquet add lead tape over the finishing tape or at the bottom of the butt cape. If want to try head heavy add lead tape at at 12:00.
  10. prostaff junkie

    prostaff junkie Rookie

    Feb 17, 2009
    Bournemouth, UK.
    OK, I've got 2 of these, been using them for about 5 years.

    I have 5 inches of 1/4 inch wide lead tape at 3 and 9. Much more stable at the net than stock racket, nice power also. If you've got good form this racket (plus a bit of lead) is fantastic.

    I have not played with a better 95/Midplus.
  11. Sentinel

    Sentinel Bionic Poster

    Jan 21, 2008
    Telly, watching AO.
    a little lead tape to widen the sweetspot a bit, and make it more stable.
  12. goran_ace

    goran_ace Hall of Fame

    Jun 24, 2009
    At Large
    A friend of mine used to play the 6.0 95 back in college. He'd put ~3 inch strips of 1/2" lead tape inside the throat.
  13. corners

    corners Legend

    Jul 31, 2008
    PS 95

    345 grams
    31 cm balance
    317 swingweight

    The thing about this stick compared to today's baseline sticks is the extremely headlight balance and low swingweight. If you add 5 grams at 3 & 9 you have approximately a K90 (350 grams/31.4 cm/337 swingweight). I don't know if you'd consider that at baseline stick but it would have great stability and maneuverability at net.

    I'm playing around with one right now and have taken the leather off of it to reduce the static weight, which allows redistribution of mass toward the head. Replacing the leather with an average synthetic replacement gives you:

    335 grams
    32 cm
    317 swingweight

    A few grams at 10 & 2 will then give you:

    338 grams
    32.3 cm
    326 swingweight

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