AO 2014 QF: Novak Djokovic (2) vs Stanislas Wawrinka (8)

Who wins?

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This year we may have a surprise finalist in AO - didn't happen since '08. Although I don't know if Berdych counts, since he's already been a slam finalist.
Nobody here would've called him making even the SF before the tourney began, so he counts. Only question is who'll smash him if he makes it there.


YEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm literally shedding a tear here, me and my GF just went spastic when Nole hit that last ball out, I mean i love Djoker but hell did i want Stan to win, especially after last year and that loss at the US open in 5 to Djoker, ohh mannn i feel sooo damnn relieved at happy right now, GO STAN!!!!!


Great match and MASSIVE result for Stan whos been consistent for a year now. I hope he can recover and make his first slam final. I see him having a shot there against anyone but Nadal. IF hes fit That is.


About six hours ago, my fiancée told me it was going to be Djokovic in four and I needed to catch up on sleep. Really overjoyed for Stan. As I Nadal fan, I can honestly say I'd be perfectly content if Nadal loses to Dimitrov at this point. Wonderful stuff!

Edit: also glad I didn't listen for a change.


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Wow. Djokovic choked big time on that MP.

Well, Stan deserved it especially after those 2 close 5 set defeats against Djokovic.


Is it me or is Wawrinka kinda puffy for a pro?
I don't think so. He just has a really round head, which maybe gives off an overall puffy vibe. Plus, he's across the net from Djokovic who is as thin as a coked-out runway model, so in contrast Wawa maybe looks puffy.

I know children often look like their parents, but Stan is a clone of his father.


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well, well, those last 2 points were shockers from djokovic, the last one even more so !

congrats to stan !!!!


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CONGRATS to the Stan the man. So happy for him. What a great result for him. Losing yet another 5 setter to Djoker would have been pretty demoralizing. Damn he's really gotten better over the past year or so.

Chin up to Djoker fans. He's got to focus on RG anyway. That's more important now. Don't know about this whole Becker thing to be honest.


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And there was me saying the other day how lightning doesn't strike twice! I thought Djokovic would win in 4 but Stan definitely deserved it. It has to be said though that Novak was in pusher mode for a large portion of the match and his forehand seems to have regressed-very bewildering. It will be interesting to see how his relationship with Becker goes from here.


I hope Wawrinka's cramps weren't too serious. He has a big opportunity to get to the final if he recuperates sufficiently.