AO 2018 4th Round - [17] Kyrgios vs [3] Dimitrov


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When I watch Dimitrov's matches, many times his BH looks quite weak too me and I just can't figure out how it stands up so well to Nadal's FH.


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My you people know what footwork is? Nadal moves way better than Dimitrov despite his age. Federer's footwork is still better, maybe his court coverage has declined to the point where you could say Dimitrov.
I didn't say footwork.... By movement I meant court coverage only which Dimitrov does the best currently


Rasheed questioning why the foot fault rule applies to centre mark. I dunno Rog, maybe because the rule states the server's entire body has to be on the correct side of the court?


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Yeah I didn't do that. Dimitrov is one of the best movers on Tour now, and it's a weak moving era
He also seems flexible to me like Novak. Has a lot of those stretching returns on the run and even when it comes to returning some big serves. Definitely one of the best athletes in tennis right now.


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Nadal definitely needs to work more to win the neutral rallies and these are the majority of shots the players are engaged in when they face Nadal. This is not grass and Kyrgios cannot rely mostly on his serve, he needs to work and run a lot, and I'm not sure if he has the ability to outlast Nadal. Dimitrov, on the other hand, has proven that he can go toe to toe with Nadal and he'll definitely exhaust him more. The Beijing final showed me that Nadal can wait for Nick's serve 5 meters behind the baseline and still have enough time to chase every ball down and it involves Nick in the types of points he doesn't want to play.

Having said that, I don't believe that either of them will beat him, but, from a selfish perspective, as a Fed fan, I would prefer Dimitrov who could exhaust Nadal for a potential final. :)
That's really the bottom line. :(


Dimitrovs day.
Everything is dropping in for him. Kyrgios everything dropping long or clipping net.

Calling footfault on him out of nowhere though, after no problems all tournament. Is ********.


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And you just reinforced my point, because the comparison is with Kyrgios.
I actually think Kyrgios has bad footspeed and footwork but he hides it well because of his big serve and big game. If you can get him in extended rallies and move him side to side, he becomes very vulnerable. Dimitrov did a good job showing that so far tonight.

Terry Tibbs

This foot fault calling on Kyrios is a disgrace. The lines people must not know the rule. Kyrios is up against it as it is.