AO 2018 4th Round - [17] Kyrgios vs [3] Dimitrov


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Federer and Del Potro

Talk Tennis Guru
It is too funny to see the moral grandstanding from Federer fans here in taking the ultimate long way round to deflection lol
You told me to take my own advice and admit I was wrong, I think it's time to take yours here. Nobody is grandstanding, like I said I don't (or hope) you didn't say it with actual malice.


It’s weird cos, Nick always talks about how he doesn’t wanna do tennis or he’s never wanted to do tennis or he doesn’t love it. But he strikes me as he opposite of a guy that can be told what to do. I think his opinion on tennis fluctuates more than most, that’s all. When he’s down on it, he’s really down.
yeah i don't think he dislikes tennis, clearly he has some affection for it and winning matches.


Better for Dimitrov to win. Nick is a clown. Spent way too much time ******** and clowning instead of focusing on the match.:rolleyes:

La Grande

Nice hug by the two men. Nick sounded like he said “believe” to Dimitrov. Dimitrov looked liked he indicated “you too man”.