AO 2019 - R4 : (3) "Zeus" Federer vs Tsitsipas "Apollo"

Who wins ?

  • Fed in 3

    Votes: 32 30.8%
  • Fed in 4

    Votes: 30 28.8%
  • Fed in 5

    Votes: 8 7.7%
  • Tsitsi in 3

    Votes: 4 3.8%
  • Tsitsi in 4

    Votes: 18 17.3%
  • Tsitsi in 5

    Votes: 12 11.5%

  • Total voters
Can Djoko and Nadal fight off the next gen or will they follow fed out the exit door? Interesting times, it’s nice to see the mix between the old guard and the young stars. I’m still hoping for djokodal final but Zverev and Tsitsipas are the big threats now!


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Whose that guy in Federer News that said he’d watched him train in Dubai all winter? Well he better bring his ass here and tell us what the hell Fed was doing back there :-D


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Yeah! Go Tsitsipas! Great result for tennis. Yeah,I know we all love Roger but let's face it he wasn't winning this tournament even if he got through this match...


Bitter sweet moment, fair play to Tsitsipas, but would have rather Fed lost that first set TB rather than blowing those breakpoints.

Also McEnroe needs to **** off, get Courier back.

Terry Tibbs

Well Fed only has himself to blame. The match was there on his racquet. 0 break points out of 12 converted is shocking. You just can't win matches with that kind of stat. As well as Tsit played I find it unfathomable why Fed was not able to break serve once.


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Wow, watched the last two games and the last TB. Fed had the lead in the last TB but Tsitsipas served like a boss under pressure.


I believe Fed will play clay now.

He just dropped over 1500 points. With Novak back in top form, as well as the kids actually stepping up and being a threat for Indian Indian Wells and Miami, he's going to play Roland Garros to try and get points for Wimby.


Tsitispas played well and deserved this win. I didn't want to say it but I think Roger's last big effort came in 2017-18 - will be extremely tough from this point onwards. He's getting more inconsistent and the "Next Gen" is finally getting better.

It's really up to Nadal to find a way to hold off the youngsters and keep the Big 3 fort strong now.


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As a Fed fan I could feel during the course of the match that his level wasn’t high to get through this. Of course not taking any of the 12 break points was a massive indicator. But seen enough of these type of matches to know when he won’t get through.

Anyway if he was to lose, which he did, glad it was to Stefanos with his style of game. Congrats to him he deserved it.


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Amazing offense all day from Stefanos.

People are going to talk about break point chances but not enough credit given to Stefanos for forcing a lot of errors from Fed.
He was magnificent. Ok not perfect, but he kept going after Fed and deserves every credit for that.