AO 2019 - R4 : (3) "Zeus" Federer vs Tsitsipas "Apollo"

Who wins ?

  • Fed in 3

    Votes: 32 30.8%
  • Fed in 4

    Votes: 30 28.8%
  • Fed in 5

    Votes: 8 7.7%
  • Tsitsi in 3

    Votes: 4 3.8%
  • Tsitsi in 4

    Votes: 18 17.3%
  • Tsitsi in 5

    Votes: 12 11.5%

  • Total voters


It's interesting to me when it comes to fans calling out because I feel like tennis is the one sport its super frowned upon compared to say like basketball where fans are yelling all the time

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what an a.sshole in the crowd. no respect for the players. it´s the same thing on this board for many users who always fighting against eachother wehter if the fans of federer, nadal, djokovic.

it had been a real classic act vom fed to replay the point...but i´m not angry if he don´t do this...

that fan should be thworn out the rod laver arena


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Fed tightened his game up there at the end of the tiebreaker, but his forehand has been a little suspect at times.

Should have won the point and set at 10-9 imo, he was in that point but completely mishit a FH.

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It's such a shame my two favorite players are meeting in the fourth round. This should be a semi. Crap draw.


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1st return point won off the set. great BH return from tsit.
fed messes up FH drop shot.

30 all.