AO 2021 QF: Stefanos Tsitsipas (6) vs Rafael Nadal (2)

Who wins?

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Incoming war! Rafa looked good in R4 while Stefanos has extra rest after @tennis_pro retires.

Usually Rafa has the upper hand in this matchup but Tsitsi is a dangerous fella. Still I say Rafa in 3, he seems pretty dialled in.


Would have liked to where Stefanos' level is at against a player of Berrettini's calibre. Harder to judge how close it will be without that. I will go with the conventional wisdom and say Nadal in 4.
I do hope Tsitsipas brings it though. Will be a great contest if he does. Will be rooting hard for him.


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Well 4 days off could be good and bad both but with rafa you need fresh legs so willbe good for Tsitsipas but game wise nadal finds it easiest against Tsitsipas off the next gen(maybe rublev a bit more)


Sisipas can't break serve to save his life. He will have to serve well, push everything to TB and play clutch Tennis on important points. It's tough to see him pulling this off.


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Not easy for Tsitsi isn't. Rafa knows very well what to do vs. a right-hand-one-hand-back-hand. If Tsitsi steps back he is done. But I'll be generous and give Tsitsi a set. Rafa might need to relax in third set just to regroup in fourth. Rafa in 4.


Nadal, post Fognini...

(also says courts are quicker during the day and he likes that)

“I play tennis,” said Nadal. “I like tennis. I like what I am doing. That's the main thing. Of course, I am very motivated to win Grand Slams and to play in the most important events of the year. No doubt about that… [But] I have never been obsessed [with] trying to be the best. I just do [it] my way. That’s worked for me.

“I think ambition is important, to have an ambition, but a healthy ambition. If you have too much ambition, then you can be frustrated when you are not able to achieve all the things that you wanted. I never approached the sport and my career that way.

“If we compare how I was five days ago and how I am [with] today's situation, it's different, and my perspective and excitement is completely different, too,” admitted Nadal, who increased his time on the practice courts yesterday in preparation for the business end of the Australian Open.

“I enjoy [the sport and] I give my best always,” added Nadal. “I try to compete at my highest standards every day… For me, the main thing is [to] come back home with personal satisfaction that I gave it everything. That's what gives me happiness and makes me stay calm.”

When asked about his perspective on the privilege of being able to play during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Nadal said: “We are lucky to be able to keep doing our job without a doubt. We can't complain at all.

“It's not perfect at all, but players still have the chance to compete and to keep going… We are important [people] in this circus, but there are a lot of important people here that need the Tour to keep going… [and] it's important to find solutions to protect the players - that are in such a very difficult situation - [so they can] play most of the weeks.”

James P

Nadal hasn't looked great this tournament. If ever Tsitsipas had a shot to knock off The Nadal, it's now. I still voted Nadal in 4, but if his head is in it, Tsitsipas should make it a tight 4 (or better).


Titspas has had extra rest and will be 100% fit and fresh. He is 10x the player that Nadal met 2 years ago in Australia.
If Nadal serves the way he did against Fognini, Titspas will win.
If Nadal serves well, it will be a very tight match. Possibly 5 sets with edge to Nadal. I am voting Nadal in 5, but wouldn't be surprised if Titspas pulled it off.


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Doesn't look like anyone is giving Sissypass a chance! Nadal was making some uncharacteristic errors against Fognini, he didn't look great on some points.

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Anyone notice that in his post match Nadal said he would prefer to play during the day because he would like to play when it's faster? Not an answer you'd expect from the king of slow courts.


Nadal hasn't looked great this tournament. If ever Tsitsipas had a shot to knock off The Nadal, it's now. I still voted Nadal in 4, but if his head is in it, Tsitsipas should make it a tight 4 (or better).
If Tsitsipas wins it will be a very tough 5 setter and will lose the next round. Look Thiem is still getting over his AO2020 triumph over Nadal ;);)