AO Open tickets and suggestions?


Burned some miles on a big award sale from United and we're headed to the AO (after stopping in New Zealand -- this is our first time west of Alaska)!

Would appreciate any tips or tricks. Looks like single tickets are going on sale soon (I did sign up for a Ticketek account a few days ago but no emails or pre-sale password mentions yet).

Going to be in Melbourne for about 4 days around the middle weekend and (with some nod to budget) was thinking maybe 1 grounds pass, 1 Margaret Court day session, and 1 Laver night session for the full experience? I read for night sessions in the show courts you can't enter the grounds before 5:00 whereas if you have a day session show court ticket you can remain on the grounds to watch outer courts, is that correct?

We love to see dubs and other matches up close and being able to jump around rather than spend the entire day in the show courts so why pay for it? Our experience in Chartrier this spring confirmed that.



What is the sound of one hand clapping? ;-)

Apparently this thread is not of broad interest but for the record, I bought Laver Day, Laver Night and Margaret Court Day sessions (uppers).

I was hoping to score a pre-sale password (past year's were posted on the Interwebs) and I registered with Ticketek a couple weeks ago but it never came. So once single session sales opened up to the public, I snapped up what I could prioritizing staying out of the sun.

I also avoided "Cooper Saturday" which honestly sounds like a drunk fest with big crowds who aren't particularly interested in tennis. We're going to sight see that day -- probably will rent a car to see the Great Ocean Road including the 12 Apostles. Hope this helps someone??!! :)


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I'll try to go to the AO one year.

It must be a rich experience to live. Nice atmosphere, weather amongst others. :cool: