AO Predictions Game



Since everyone has an opinion on who will beat whom on the men's side..why not play a betting game. With virtual dollars of course :)

Here's how it works - we have 4 quarter finals matches
Nadal v Niemenen
Tsonga v Youzhny
Fed v Blake
Djokovic v Ferrer


You have 400 virtual dollars to bet with. You can choose to bet any amount on any match - so you can bet the entire 400 on Nadal winning for example or you can spread the money - say 100 each on each match.

Bets on a match are taken until 30 mins before each match. (I will go by the Aussie start time and the corresponding TW server time). Any bets on a match after that time will not count. Also, in the interest of not wasting too much of my time calculating, I will only consider the first 100 bets until beginning of first QF match.

You can also choose to bet on a future matchup based on your prediction. So for example you can choose to bet 200 dollars on Nadal in the QF and 200 on Nadal in the semis. But if Nadal loses the QF, then obviously you've lost the semis bet.

At the end of the quarters, I will calculate the odds for each selection based on how many of you responded and also calculate your winnings. I will only display the top 50 winners.

For the semis, I will open betting again after the last quarters match. This time you get an additional 200 virtual dollars. Same rules. If you've not played the quarters or lost money on the QF, you can start afresh for the semis. Those who have a net positive balance after QF betting will obviously have a lead.

How to place your virtual bets

Just post a reply in this thread with your bet in this format-

<round> <player betting on> <amount>

The total of your amount should be 400

So here is an example bet -

QF Nadal 75
QF Tsonga 75
QF Blake 50
QF Federer 100
SF Federer 100

So what does this mean? This means, you're betting 75 on Nadal winning his QF match with Niemenen, and 75 on Tsonga's match with Youzhny and 50 on Blake against Fed. It also means, even though you bet 50 on Blake, you think Fed's chances are slightly better and you bet 100 on him against Blake. Further you also bet that not only Fed wins against Blake, but he wins the next semi match against whoever he plays (Djoko/Ferrer)

If you edit your post in anyway, I will skip your bet. So think before you post.

Here's my bet-

QF Nadal 100
QF Federer 100
QF Youzhny 50
QF Ferrer 50
QF Djokovic 50
SF Nadal 50


I will gladly answer your questions, but once you place your bet its a done deal! No changing!


See you all in about 30 mins. Will answer questions if any at that time.


The odds will be calculated when I tally the total bets. So for example, in the first 100 bets I consider, lets say everyone of them has something to say about the Nadal v Niemenen match. So there are a 100 bets on that match. Let's say now that 75 of them favor Nadal - then the odds are 3/4 for Niemenen and 1/4 for Nadal - which means you get 1 dollar for every four dollars bet on Nadal. You would get 3 dollars on every 4 dollars bet on Niemenen - since he's the less favored to win and you took a greater risk picking him!