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    Mar 19, 2010
    I recenlty bought 2 new APDC from the B. A. Y. I have been using my sons APDC and decided to swith to this racquet. I tried the GT version but found it to be too stiff, thus searched for used APDC's online. I came a across a Canadian seller/broker offerring new APDC's He is very reputable. Based on information I obtained on this site and others, I checked for signs the racquets were counterfeits. For the most part everything checks out. I still need to check the weight and balance. Here are my concerns:

    1) The GT version has been out for 18 months. Does it make sense that the seller is still selling/stocking new APDC's? The sales history indicates numerous sales and he has over 10 raquets in stock.
    2) One raquets had a slight blemish on the letter "e" on the word "technology".
    3) The racquet face card indicated a RA stiffness rating of 72. My undestanding us that the APDC has a stiffness rating of 67. The reason I chose the APDC over the GT versions is becasue of the lower stiffness.
    4) The older APDC i have has a glossy finish. The ones I purchased have a different finish.

    I can still return the raquets if I dont like them I apprecaite any insight you may have.
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    If the grip size is 1/4 or 3/8, there's a good chance they may be fake. I've never heard of retailers receiving blemished racquets to sell at a discount.

    However, it's very possible there are still many new APDC's floating around.

    Got pics??
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