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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by herosol, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. herosol

    herosol Professional

    May 29, 2007
    Yesterday i was able to have a nice demo with the APDC since my friend was demo his other one. Anyways, this is not my first hit with the APDC, but my most extensive one yet, around 2-3 hour rally and set test.

    But why do I call it a competitor? Because for me, i felt that i had to compete, in order to really understand the popularity of this racket.
    Well most people like to have a nice score chart so here's a small one:

    Power: 6/10
    Spin: 8/10
    Maneuverability: 10/10
    Serves: 7.5/10
    Volleys 8/10

    Aside from these numbers, there is something i noticed about this racket. It is kind of hard to do slower racket head speed rallying, like i usually do to warm up. When i was going through my slow strokes, I felt like i couldn't find any control, and alot of stuff were flying here and there, and I was feeling comfortable at all. So I thought, that I should start swinging it faster. And that's when the racket began to shine.

    You start realizing the spin potential most people are crazy about. But even that, I felt uncomfortable once again since i didn't feel under control. Mind you though, I do use a Western Grip (both fh and bh), and some loopiness, not too extreme, but still loopy with the modern stance and what-not.

    So now i decided to compete in a one set match before i left. The racket now was showing me it's greatness. My Spin serves and slices were doing fantastically, got some good kick, but I was finding great accuracy.

    Next, I was beginnning to get extreme topspin on both sides, as my forehand was being deep and consistent, and when i got opportunities, i could crush balls and even when I hit the net, I still felt confident the next one was great.

    But contrary to popular belief since nadal uses this LOLS. I believed my 2HBH, did the BEST with this racket. All of my shots were extremely well-placed and deep, and when i looked to punish cross-court and down the line shots, they either ended winners, or constructing a nice volley. My 2HBH, one that i just recently switched back too, was on full confidence mode, with me feeling very comfortable with my control and pace.

    Finally, I shall discuss the maneuverability of this racket and why the 10/10. Mind you I really have begun to fall in love with being comfortable, and quick with my tennis game. I want to be able to always feel relaxed, and not worry about anything, or feel tired in anything except my calves and core. It was amazing, im not too fast, but i felt like i could get my hands on anything, and that if you wanted a point, you better hit a clean winner, or i was going to touch it and you had to hit one or 10 more shots to finish it. at the net, I was reaching everything, and I felt unafraid to approach.

    Overall this racket for me is a true competitors racket, giving you the forgiveness, and nice spin to make ALL your shots, and to allow you to grind away comfortably and relaxed (which is an important aspect of my game). I'm not sure what NTRP i would give this, but if you have the loopy western, and are looking to be a consistent player, not a basher, then this racket does very well. I would love to hit with this again, to see if i can fully tame this.

    btw: the feel of this racket is not soo good though. I felt the only reason i knew my balls went left or right was because i saw it, and i wasn't really feeling it off the string bed, although i was playing with the synthetics, and i really hate those.
  2. Babb

    Babb Professional

    Nov 1, 2007
    Now down to 4 feet behind the baseline.
    Thanks for the contribution. Ah, that makes me want to start looking at different racquets again...
  3. doogoshly

    doogoshly New User

    Feb 12, 2008
    i also had a chance to demo this today. coming from a babolat aerotour, i found it to be very very similar with the added bonus of being less stiff when the ball didn't hit the sweet spot. i don't know if it's the cortex technology or not, but i definitely felt a difference.

    i'll be getting this racquet within the next week or so.
  4. SFrazeur

    SFrazeur Legend

    Mar 26, 2006
    I would say that Babolats in general need to be hit with competitively to fully understand the attraction to them. They are performance racquets. If a player just has an idle hit with them its hard to get it. At first you can take them or leave them, but they grow on you. They are all about performance.

  5. samej07

    samej07 Rookie

    Aug 1, 2006
    i can tell you from experience, if you take the cheap syn gut out of the apdc and put in a nice hybrid or poly, the spin potential is unreal. not only that, i feel it really give a better feel for the ball, because i agree, when i hit with it with syn. gut i really felt i could only tell where the ball was going because of my eyes.

    and SFrazeur, i totally agree with you about Babolats. i hit with the apdc once just messing around and didnt think it was that great. but when i really got after it, it was amazing. it was good enough to get me to switch to it at least. ;)
  6. textbook strokes

    textbook strokes Semi-Pro

    Mar 21, 2005
    I completely agree with the op. Headspeed is the key with the apdc.
    It took me some weeks to realize this and to adjust my strokes, but once I got it, I got rid of the lead I have added, the racquet begun to shine, and the scores against better opponents started to change:)
  7. zidane339

    zidane339 Hall of Fame

    Feb 16, 2008
    Thanks for the thoughts..I use the APDC and I agree with what you said, except for power which I felt was slightly higher (7-8/10). It took me a little to get use to but once you learn to control the spin its amazing!

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