Apocalyptic masterpieces

Was just about to post it!
One of the most important band in my formative years. So awesome band. I was playing Alice a lot when wasted :cool:
Was important for me too. I just love that kind of sound.
I also love My Bloody Valentine.
I was getting wasted to it as well. I could listen to the album from beginning to the end looking up in the roof just bathing in the sound of it.


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If you haven't heard this one; take the time, listen through it from start to finish. Huge artist in Norway, at her darkest and finest. Dare I say world class song writing and ditto performance. A spectacular live act, too. See her if you can!

One of my favorites.

As for Apocalyptic masterpieces, I think these two are (or at least you could think of them as such,) and they are also two of my favorites from one of my favorite bands (Soundgarden.)

Don't know if it's an apocalypse song but it is definitely a song about death and pain.
And isn't death the end of the world?
I don't understand **** in Hungarian but Gloomy Sunday hurts me right in the feels.
This is the original version:
This is the instrumental version which is even better:
This is the English version by Billie Holiday:
Last but not the least, here is a performance of the song by a little girl(aged 7) from Norway:
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Not exactely a doomsday song, but I've liked Greg Griffin's lyrical project and Bad Religion hit me right in the gut when I began listen to them in high school. Impactful stuff.
(Here at their very softest, featuring a young Eddie Wedder on guest vocals in the bridge)

... and a wave of overwhelming doubt turns me to stone

Definitely not a "standard" apocalyptic song - - - but tricking, abusing and murdering children is a full-blown apocalypse in its own right... As Bad Religon would say: How could hell be any worse?

This hard-boilder, very specific lyric about The Killer Clown with such beautiful melodies gets to me every time and puts in a state of grief, anger, love and hope all at once. I allow the tears to run freely and a thousand painful thoughts and images run through my mind.