Apparently, Sampras still thinks he's the GOAT!!!

Discussion in 'Former Pro Player Talk' started by fed_rulz, Dec 30, 2012.

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    Dec 4, 2012
    ifs, buts. talent is an undefined abstract, and does not equal success

    the truth is that safin was a notorious headcase, who was sublime when he actually bothered to focus. johansson played superb that whole tournament, and was not a fluke

    he took his chances, unlike the players you mentioned (tsonga being compared with those three? gave me a good laugh!)

    you should re-watch FO 09, it was significantly faster. the courts were drier, and the balls used flew faster in the air. all this benefited federer

    he beat del potro in the semi-final because del potro ran out of stream/stamina.

    what goes around comes around, and del potro took his chances later that year at the us open

    since then he's had a little bit of a match up problem with federer

    lendl and wilander are better clay court players than federer in the respective eras they played in

    borg and vilas, better on the red stuff than federer, no doubt

    it's hard enough comparing the 80s to the 00s. early 70s i think is too far back. it's open era, yes, but compare 1972 to 1982, totally different game

    look at federer's early years, that is a glimpse of how he would have played in the 90s

    with the exception of hamburg (the low bounce saving federer from having his backhand exposed), i don't see much clay prowess

    federer is a fast court player, first and foremost

    yet the homogenized, slower surfaces benefited him due to him changing his game

    or did he change for the surfaces? that's another debate
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    except those guys didn't have it as easy as johansson did vs a headcasing safin

    tsonga when on was/is ridiculously brilliant ...(watch his AO semi-final vs nadal in 2008 or the last 4 sets vs fed @ wimbledon 2011 or even set 1.5 to sets 4 of RG vs djoker 2012 )

    I did watch the entire FO in 2009 ...... while it was faster, it wasn't that much faster ...

    and federer beat delpo because he raised his level and delpo couldn't possibly keep up that level of hitting for that long ......regardless, the courts being faster there was actually a problem for federer in that case ....

    already mentioned that they are better... doesn't mean he couldn't beat them @ RG

    borg, absolutely ...... vilas, hell no ... I'd say fairly comparable ... it wasn't just borg he was losing to @ RG, he lost to solomon twice, noah once and got crushed by pecci

    actually federer's mid 2003-05 play are more of an indication of how he'd have played in the 90s, not his early years ..... a true all-court player with brilliant balance b/w offense and defense ...

    yeah, 3 consecutive finals @ monte carlo ( 2006-2008 ) and a win, 4 finals and 2 semis @ RG ; that epic match @ rome vs nadal in 2006; no claycourt prowess apart from what he did @ hamburg :roll:

    can't move well there, doesn't have enough patience in rallies, groundstrokes not consistent enough ......... oh wait ..... that's not federer, that's someone else ... guess who ? :twisted:

    berasategui managed to make a RG final in the 90s with a BH that wasn't remotely anywhere comparable to federer's ....... yet people talk about fed's BH being a liability on clay ? :lol:
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    So then

    So with Nadal out early, are you saying that it was not possible for the 2009 Roland Garros to have a worthy winner? Should the tournament have been stopped after Nadals loss?
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    Sampras was a juggernaut...but not GOAT. Then again its almost impossible to compare gut era with poly era...its like two different epochs.
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    double post
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