arch support/weight gain= planter fasciitiis

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    How much of a role does proper arch support in insoles and rapid weight gain play in getting planter fasciitiis. I did a search and found plenty of stuff that trys to help you once you have it but I was wondering what role these two items played in getting it.

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    Only everything!

    Your foot arch flexes every time you take a step. Putting on weight increases the forces coming down and flexing that arch. It is the plantar fascia that runs at the base of that arch and has to resist the flexing force. So with increased weight you are increasing the force. With just walking, the force generated is twice your body weight, and with running it is four times your body weight. So small increases in weight can lead to large increases in force strethcing that plantar fascia and leading to plantar fasciitis.

    If you have no arch support in your shoes, all your weight is born just on your heel and across the ball of your forefoot. Thus, with every step, your arch is flexing a lot, and that will contribute to plantar fasciitis.
    If instead you have adaquate arch support, your weight is born across the whole surface area of the bottom of your foot. As you stand or walk, the insole will prevent the arch from sagging. Thus a good supportive insole will help treat and/or prevent plantar fasciitis.

    There are several different good insoles that can be bought over the counter, but of course the best is to visit a podiatrist and make sure you have ones that fit you properly. But if you have high to medium arches, the Superfeet Orange will provide good arch support and cushioning. The Green has little cushioning, but good support.

    You can get more info on the Superfeet and other insoles on this site:
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    Or you can adopt flat feet and live with it all through your life. With flat feet, you WHOLE footprint is touching the ground at all times, leading to full foot support....:twisted::twisted:

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