Are My Strings Dead?


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I have had both of my rackets strung for a while (one with about 10 hours + 2 months being strung, the other with about 15 hours + 1 month strung), but they both have maintained their tension. I know that they are going, if not already, dead, but I don't know how to tell without cutting and starting with fresh strings. I am a high school player without much money, so I need to be economical and practical with my equipment, but I also would like to replace my strings if it will help me play better.

Gaines Hillix

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tennsdog, if you are still able to control the ball while maintaining your normal pace on the ball, there is no need to cut tem out. However, if the ball is flying out on you or landing short consistently, then they need replacing.


Yep just like my TiMO, I cut it and the strings didnt move... just disconnect lol, im also a sophmore high school player, going to college now though lol ;) I used Gosen Sheep Micro at 65lbs now... I play better... What Gaines said... I just couldnt take my TiMO... was pissed cause I sucked practicing with my pro... he was like what the heck is going on with you heh, I had a lot of strings... and a stringer... also a knife lol


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That's the problem, I can't tell if my errors are from my poor hitting or from dead strings. Also, isn't it possible to get used to dead strings so they still kinda feel the same because you get used to them as they die, and therefore, they may not directly hurt play?
For me, it is very noticeable on the inside out forehand. For example, when I go for one into the ad court corner, I will never hit one with a new string job and wonder to myself how in the world did that go wide, I'LL KNOW IT. I can feel that I've not put enough topspin on it or went too flat et. But, with a stringjob nearing its end, I'll lose spin and length control. I'll hit a ball a foot wide and not fathom what I did wrong. That's when I know the strings are going amok.


Just concentrate on hitting all your shots well for 5 minutes. Really make an effort. If you hit your shots well, then your strings are fine.


Good advice Deuce. I have used Poly in my Prince TTW and liked it. But after 2 or 3 months with it, if I feel like I am having too many off-days and find myself staring at the strings between points after missing normal shots, I know it is time to cut.