Are push ups effective?

john cheng

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Try 3-4 sets about 20-30 reps. Although the no. of reps will depend on your baseline strength. Do this daily and strength will improve in 2 weeks. May take 6-8 weeks to see hypertrophy of the pecs though.


Dips are just as good as the bench press for most people.

And since you're lying down for the bench press, I don't see why it would strain your back. You can also do dumbbell flies.

Push-ups are always a great exercise when you don't have access to a gym. I especially like keeping my feet raised on a platform (like the couch) and doing clapping push-ups.


:p I myself just did 100 a day for...what...1 month? Paired with running and swimming once every other day I turned into one smexy beast.

Then I saw a cookie lying on the ground...Damn cookie!


1. Do pushups until you can't go on.
2. Multiply that number by 2/3. That should be the number of pushups you're doing in a set. Do three sets a day, on different times.
3. Two weeks later, do the whole thing again.

I've been doing pushups for a while, but the last time I really followed the schedule correctly, I came from 27 max to 42. 155.55% increase, and I wasn't even following the 3 times a day thing.


no im just wondering in general if u mixed that in with running would it help u
you can't do spot fat-reducing.
If you want to JUST burn fat,you have to do cardio like running,bicycling,walking,playing tennis.Push-ups make you develop muscles-and while you dont' burn many calories while doing them,developing muscles make you boosting your metabolism and burn more calories in the long run.
A complete and good exercise includes both cardio AND building muscles.

and generally the more,and more varied types of exercises the better it is.