Are Tennis camps useful for beginners?

Discussion in 'Tennis Travel' started by M_Santana, Jul 19, 2007.

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    So, I have been lurking on this site and reading different discussions about tennis camps and clinics. Basically, I am a 28 year old moderately fit man who woke up the other day and decided that I wanted to learn to play tennis. I know there are golf camps geared towards building a game for beginners.

    From what I have read on this site, it seems that there is not something comparable for tennis. I have been on the web looking at different camps, but I don't know whether to believe it when they say skill level does not matter.

    So does anyone have any advice? I am about to take the bar exam and have all of august off to do random stuff like go to tennis camp.
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    I would say it's not worth it. Based on the price of tennis camps, you would be better off getting lessons from a pro.

    As a beginner, you just need to hit tennis balls with someone who knows what they're doing.
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    I've been to a lot of places, and they're loaded with beginners. There are experienced players too, but if I were you I wouldn't worry too much about a lack of experience. If anything, it'll just mean you get more attention from the pro's.

    You can use to find a place that sounds good to you. Pay attention to the pro/camper ratio, and also to how many hours of instruction you get per day. At some places room and board is included, and at some places it isn't.

    Also, decide whether you want a "resort' or a "camp". You can get good instruction at either, but a resort will be a bit higher-end, and a camp will often provide more hours per day of instruction.

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