Are there game penalties for lateness in USTA League play


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Friend at Court has the game penalties but it looks like that might just be for Tournaments with a referee.

In officiated league matches is there a penalty for lateness other than a default after 15 mins? I know some sections/local leagues might have their own rules published but in the absence of that would that chart apply?

1 game first 5 minutes
2 games 2nd 5 minutes
3 games 3rd 5 mintues
Default after 15 minutes


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Here in SC there is no penalty for being late other than to default them after 15 minutes (even that is rare unless the team waiting is pressed for time)

I think I have heard of penalties for places where they have timed matched though similar to tournament rules.


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I've seen an official charge games due to ****iness at a tournament before. But, I've never seen someone be so technical about the default layers in an un-officiated league match.

Usually people just gripe and moan about how rude their opponent is by being late and get all passive aggressive on the opposing captain and player.


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In my section/area (PNW/Seattle) we don't have timed matches, but mostly play indoors for league play and have 75 or 90 minute court times so do have late penalties that are pretty aggressive.

5 minutes or less: Loss of service toss plus 1 game

5:01 – 10 minutes: Loss of service toss plus 2 games

10:01 or more minutes: Default

Note that most folks are a little flexible, but we do try to get started on time to avoid matches running long.
We just take the 15 minute default.

Although most of the captains are pretty good about letting them play. Or they ask the players waiting. I once waited an hour for another team. I was annoyed but I came to play tennis, not get a default. The extra hour of practicing our ground strokes paid off and we crushed them 0,1.


It's pretty common for the 15 min default only.

There has been an incident that occurred with one of the more competitive captains though. They did not have their best lineup and it looked like bad weather. So the captain wouldn't exchange lineups. The rain finally came sometime after the 15 min rule. After talking with many people, I would enter the match as a match default. At the very least, you would force the LC to rule on it.

The other thing to do with Captains that like to F around with late players. Start the warmup at the scheduled time. If they are 5 mins late, they get 5 mins less of a warmup.

Another good reason to start the warm up on time is that some teams will put an alternate in the warm up and then fake an injury to allow the late player to play. If you start the warm up on time, you allow less time for the late player.

Normally, I'd say work with your fellow captains, but every league has the 1, 2, or 3 captains in each league that are a pain in the ***. Women's leagues tend to be worse, as we all know.