Are There Pro Stock Paddles??


Disclaimer: I know very little about Pickleball, but I know a lot about tennis.

A lot of pro tennis players use pro stock rackets with totally different specs (usually flexier / heavier / thinner beams / smaller head sizes).

What do the top pros use for Pickleball paddles, and how far apart are they from what the regular retail folks use? My local guy mentioned that some of the top pros will go a lot heavier with their paddles.

What models / specs do the top players tend to choose? Are they drastically different choices between singles and doubles specialists?

Anything and everything you can tell me would be much appreciated. I want to dive right into the deep end.



The best player tells exactly how he sets up his paddle, unlike top tennis players. He helped design his paddle as well as his new paddle by his new sponsor Joola. His paddles have a texture that wears off so he uses a new one for every tournament so he can get extra spin. Most pros who come from tennis like the textured paddles for more spin like the Joola, CRBN and Electrum. Other pros have mentioned the paddles lose power over time so they use a new one every tournament or month.


Thank goodness no... Last thing we need on these boards are arguments how Ben John's ACTUAL paddle is not available to the public, and how unfair that is...


-as stated so wisely by @StringGuruMRT " Thank goodness no... "!!!

-its a simple paddle mini-tennis pass time!, like put-put to golf, no need for PROFESSIONAL equipment!!

-i was not able to find the video of a guy playing pickleball with a frying pan!!, he was playing better than the other guy using his own paddle o_O


I believe the foam circles in the Gamma are for noise reduction as well as the foam edge on the Joola as it is quieter than most paddles. The Engage uses balsa wood in the handle just like the homemade paddle.