Are you going to watch the "Williams Finals"?

plain jane

Of course! This is the first ladies final in a while where the winner wasn't a foregone conclusion. I personally have never seen venus and serena play in a grand slam final live because i wasn't into tennis that long so i am definately looking foward to it.
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If I watch, it'll be because I like Venus. Her game is more varied that her sister's, and she seems to have a better attitude. Watching her girly bouncing after her victory was somehow touching. The TV will have to be on "mute", though, because I can't stand all the yelling.



I haven't missed a Wimbledon final (men or women) in a long, long time. Why would I start with this one?


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It will be interesting to see if Venus will again choke against her sister. Hopefully she won't be injured, as she was with an abdominal problem years ago.


I don't know if I will watch it, but it would be funny if the Wimby organizers put them on court 2.


Yes, I want to see if Serena's serve can keep up with her unforced errors against her sister.

I want to see if either can express any joy while playing each other - they certainly don't look like they are having fun when they play singles against other opponents.
This might just be perfect tennis, due to no pressure. These girls will demo how they practice together.

There you go, YES all the way!

Blue Drop

Yep, I'll watch it.

The rest of the women's field should watch it, too, and try to figure out why no one could muster anything close to a challenge. To have two sisters who are barely interested enough in the game anymore show up and school everyone ... embarrassing.


I hope I will be able to watch it but I'm not sure because I will be at my Uncle's house in Cape Cod so I will probably be at the beach. Bad timing.
No, I won't be watching. I respect both their abilities as athletes and tennis players, but I don't like all the schrieking and screaming. Yet I think it will be a hard fought battle.

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Yes, I'll be watching!!! I was wondering if there will ever be another Williams-Williams final again. I've seen them both play in person, amongst others. I'll also be glad to see them in the Olympics.
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I didn't watch the semis because I already knew they would both win.
I will watch and I am SERIOUSLY hoping that Venus wins.


Definitely not. When I found out for sure this would be the final I made a breakfast date and early movie date with a friend for Saturday.


They are predictable and boring. WTA is in a slump. Boring with no variety.
How are they predictable? I'm watching it because it will be unpredictable.... To be honest, I'm glad this is the final, although I would have liked Sharapova vs. Ivanovich.


Of course! I'll definitely watch. I'm also rooting for Venus to get her fifth and second consecutive one. I like her grass court game very much. Serena not so much.

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I would watch but I have to see a man about a horse, I mean a bike, I mean a motorcycle, I mean a car.

Besides, . . . the outcome is predetermined.

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Venus vs anybody else's sister - yes i'd watch it.
Venus vs her own sister - zzzzzzzzzz.
Sums it up rather nicely. Venus against an in-form previous champ like Sharapova, or someone trying to pull off RG + W like Ivanovic, would have been worth getting up for.

So my answer is an emphatic 'No'.
I will be watching hoping that Venus gets her 5th singles title, and don't look now they are still alive in the doubles draw, so a 3rd doubles crown could be in the cards. Damn those Williams sisters, just do the damn thing.

I really hope everybody watches because their prize money largely depends on how many people from the TW message board tunes in. :twisted:
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yeah why not.. though i will have a tournament the next day and the match will be on late hear (AUS) so maybe i'll give it a miss. :)