Are your Racquet & Bag the same Brand?

Are your Bag & Racquet the same Brand?

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  • No

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Dunlop racquets and a Tyger bag. And the mismatch does not bother me at all since nobody is paying me for using their brand... ;)

Best function at the best available price is my purchasing philosophy... :)


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The wife and me use a Wilson bag for our 4 Wilson racquets:
Me: Wilson ProStaff Classic 85 & Wilson nCode SixOne 90
Her: 2 X Wilson nTour 26 (She's got really small hands and is petite in size, best choice racquet as far as I could see)

Bag: Wilson Tour 5 6-pack Bag

All racquets fit quite tightly in there with 16 Slazenger balls.

All done at quite good prices. I bought my 2nd racquet, the nCode (@ A$200 strung) only after the K-range came out. My First was a gift from my tennis coach about 8 years ago whilst the wife's matching nTours were done at about A$220 for both (custom strung) and the bag at A$50.


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nope! i keep my 2 Babolat PDC+'s and my girlfriends Head Ti and Prince TT in my lime green Wilson Tour super 6 pack.

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My guess is that people who use Wilson or Babolat frames use matching bags, while those who use frames by other companies don't (in general). Why? Because Wilson and Babolat make the best bags.


Just for fun... he he he

My Equipments:
In my Wilson Tour Bag:
3 Wilson Racquets
4 Wilson Wristbands
3 Wilson Hats
1 Wilson Shoe
Wilson Balls
Wilson Grips

.... but Prince shoe bag and Adidas socks... e ke ke ke


My guess would also be that the younger the player, the more that matching racquets and bags means to them, not that plenty of older players don't match.

I used the Prince bag from my youth for about 20 years (I'm 35) (I still have it, but it's pretty shot) no matter what brand of racquet I used - Prince, Dunlop, Wilson, Head.

I currently use a TW 9-pack -- a nice bag, but not the best. But, I got it so cheap when ordering racquets, it was hard to justify spending $50, when I could spend $10. In fact I have 2 and store frames in the other one.


Adidas bag as they gave me tons of free Barricades so I feel its necessary to reciprocate the love (and that I like the bag over my previous Volkl Tour Mega (good bag but lacks some wanted feature))

Volkl C10 (possibly switching soon to either speedport or one of the Pure Storm Tour editions)

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Nope TW bag, yonex, fischer, and wilson racquet (1 of each). Neutral bag brand, nice price.


I will have to say....

YeS !!!!! well

i have 10 donnay pro one international (TW Version):roll:

and TW 6 bag :p

so.... i think yes :)


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i dont, i own a Vantage Team 6 Bag and i own like 8 racquets which are of like 5 diff. brands


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Yes, I like to have a match.
Don't know exactly why, just a gut feeling it needs to be that way..

Rackets: Wilson KBlade 98, Wilson NPro Open

Bag: Wilson Pro Tour Six Black/Gold


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Nope... Bab stick & Nike bag, but its a 6 racquet bag.. my gf gave it to me about a year ago so coudlnt get rid of it haha... now its worn out, and want a big 9-12 Babolat bag, theyre cheaper than nike. How are they in quality?
Nope... Bab stick & Nike bag, but its a 6 racquet bag.. my gf gave it to me about a year ago so coudlnt get rid of it haha... now its worn out, and want a big 9-12 Babolat bag, theyre cheaper than nike. How are they in quality?
there great try the babolat team roddick 12 pack thats what i got and love it also wilson k blade babolat bag.


Some time ago I voted no, because I had a Babolat bag and HEAD rackets. But since last August, I switched to Babolat rackets aswell, so my answer now is YES....

Racket: Yonex RDS 003
Bag: Wilson K Factor KTour Red Super 6 Pack Bag

I've thought about switching to a Yonex bag but I love my Wilson bag too much.


At times I have had matching bags, but I found one I love so am sticking with it...

ProKennex racquets
Fischer 6 pack bag - by far the best quality bag I have tried


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Just wondering if your racquet and tennis bag are the same brand? ie: Yonex racquet and Yonex bag, Babolat racquet and Babolat bag, etc.

Old topic, but no they are not the same brand. I use a Dunlop bag and used Fischer and Volkl rackets as mains since I have this bag.


Tecnifibre racquets and bag. I rarely use my bag though only for tournaments or when I play at clubs.


Yonex rds 001 mid
Tecnifibre 12 pack, switching to the yonex 9 pack, head 12 pack, or the adidas barricade 6 pack.