Arm friendly Extended Mid plus racquets


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I'm a 4.0+ short male adult (5' 4") with compact swing and thin muscular build.
I've been looking for an upgrade from Wilson Team FX BLX (Hd size 103, strung weight 10.3oz) to a heavier arm friendly racquet since my arm and shoulder started huring really bad with this racquet.

I'm looking for your suggestions:
Ideally I would like to have the following:
(1) Mid plus head size (100-105 Sq Inch)
(2) 11oz+ weight (12 Oz is a little too heavy for me)
(3) Extended length 27.5 in since I am short
(4) Arm friendly
(5) Most cost effective

I demoed Pro Kennex Ki 5x but an't say I'm in love with it. Did't like Avery 110 OS.

Ideally a recent discontinued model would be nice due to price considerations.
I've looked at all the reviews of different racquets but haven't found anything yet. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


PK 7G is a must demo. Lot of people prefer it to the Ki5x update. In my book it's one of the best sticks ever made.


PK Ki 15, PK 7G, and the Plus versions of the Storm would be what I would demo.

Bab PD+ etc if you have no shoulder issues or are willing to experiment with soft string setups.


What string are you using? Also, what tension is it strung at? My guess is it has more to do with the string and tension than the racquet.

The racquet you have now is pretty arm friendly and can be modified pretty easily with a little lead if you want to make it heavier.

I don't kwow what string you are using but the Wilson K Gut and Gamma Professional are both very soft.


The best extended racquets I've tried were:

Kneissl Red Star 2007-2009
Volkl C10 Xtended
Volkl T10 Xtended
Volkl Tour 8 (not SE which is Standard Edition)
Kneissl Black Star 2010
Dunlop Tour Pro Revelation Superlong +1.0 (dark red)


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TBall: I can't find any of these racquets you mentioned

I use size 4 1/4. I can't find these racquets anywhere online.
Let me know if you've any suggestions.


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As far as Strings go, I was using X-ONE BP-1. Then I switched to Solinco Tour Bite. That's when the problem started I think.
Now I am switching back to BP-1. I string at 57lbs.



The PK 7G is much more comfortable than this racket.

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As far as Strings go, I was using X-ONE BP-1. Then I switched to Solinco Tour Bite. That's when the problem started I think.
Now I am switching back to BP-1. I string at 57lbs.
Ah, you went from a softer multi to a stiff polyester string at high tension. DING DING DING. We have a winner!


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I believe that your choices are very limited with modern arm-friendly racquets that are both MidPlus and extended. Now if you are willing to settle for a 27" MidPlus, you should be able to find quite a few arm-friendly frames.


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lavs how much lead tape do you have on your redstars and what is the balance and sw with your current setup ?
8g in the handle + leather Fairway
2g @ 12
2g @ 3/9

balance is about 7pts
SW is about 340g (but swings very comfy)


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yogisri, have you considered adding some lead to your current racket? Perhaps 15 grams or so might be enough to tame the frame shock somewhat. Probably want to go with some at 3/9 o'clock and some at the throat or handle to achieve the balance/swingweight that you desire.

Have you looked at any of the other ProKennex racquets? There are several in the Kinetic or Ionic series that might suit your needs. If you are willing to settle for a 27" arm-friendly midplus racket, there are several inexpensive (under $80) Prince racquets that might fit the bill. The Prince O3 Hybrid Shark (MP) is arm-friendly and fits your other requirements as well. Some other Prince possibilities:

O3 Hybrid Shark (MP)
O3 Hybrid Shark Hornet (MP)
O3 Original White (w/soft throat grommet option)

A couple others for under $100

ExO3 Hornet MP 100
O3 Speedport Tour (heavier than others at 11.6 oz, SW=328)
Try the vokyl organix v1 MP and OS. Great for arm and shoulder - no vibration. Well balanced - head light. The OS is, in my opinion, the best OS on the market - great control, not head heavy like most of the competition. Give them a try - I think you will be sold. Also take a look at the reviews and feedback in the Volkl portion of TW's website.


Ditto on the V1 MP and OS. You might also try the Volkl PB7 and the Becker NYC. Both are a little lighter than you requested but if you add a leather grip or a little lead they would be right there.
I am currently on the DL with a tendon tear in my elbow. When I finish physical therapy or surgery if the PT doesnt do the trick, im back to volkl never to leave again.