Arm issues and hybrid setup gut/poly


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My current setup is Gosen micro 16m@50lbs and barbed wire cross @ 48lbs on a blade 98 blx.

I do not believe this setup caused it, I think it was a tour bite main, overuse and poor form on a topspin forehand that did. Things seem to be healing now with exercise/stretching but I don't want to upset it again and would like to keep a nice soft setup.

The parts that were bothering me are the medial elbow and rotator cuff.

.... Anyhow, I would like to do tonic-M/black widow-X at 55-53 since the strings are softer and as it is I think it is a little too soft.

How long will this last before the black widow goes dead? Dose black widow loose tension or get hard as a rock? Do you think this is a good idea? I like a poly cross for snap back mainly and a bit of control.


you plan is good. You could even go tonic 56/blk widow 52. Higher on gut and lower on poly to standardize feel more. I have been going down 4-5 lbs on poly crosses for last 5 months or so - works well.


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Since I don't seem to be able to edit the original when I say I think "it" is a little to soft, I mean current setup. Apologies for typos I am noticing as well.


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I tried BW crosses with VS mains. BW starts out soft and powerful and then quickly dies a boardy, harsh death. It could have been a contender imo but just comes across as a softer, more powerful version of RPM that dies the same way: hard and fast.