As much as I can't stand PMac

Especially from an analytic view, their are so many times he is with C. Drysdale that the back and forth banter makes my side hurt. All the old school talk and the types of shots they make on the tour now. PMac sounds like a little kid in astonishment when F. Mayer hit the jump two hander. lol


I love PMac and Drysdale together. Their humour cracks me up and their enthusiasm for the sport and collegial respect for each other seems genuine and good natured.

PMac always has, in my opinion, the best analysis of the players and their strategies of any other announcer out there. I remember that he was the first announcer I ever heard rave about Federer before he broke through, and at first I didn't understand why, because Federer made it all look so effortless. He was the first I ever heard expain why Federer had all the shots, the footwork and so much potential. I'd never really thought much about or noticed the player's footwork until then.

P.S. I always thought they should dub the jumping two hander 'The Hip Hop'.