Ashaway Kevlar +

Had strung my racket on February 18th, with Ashaway Crossfire ZX and played with it around 6-7 times. Unfortunately at a return yesterday I broke the ZX crosses. And took it out with the intention to keep the mains (Kev +). They were strung at 60/40lbs on my Head TGK 231.1. I was very surprised to see that once the ZX was out, the Kev was VERY loose....loose as if I pressed slightly and it moved by 2-3cms!

Is this normal?


Yes. No crosses to support the mains. Plus the Kevlar + has also lost a lot of tension. If you restring only the crosses, I suggest at least 45-48#.


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My advice would be to keep the tension for your mains and crosses within about 3-4 pounds of each other. The reasoning behind that recommendation is all about minimizing uneven stresses on the frame.
Similarly, stringing the mains and crosses at radically different tensions will exert uneven forces on a frame and cause distortion that will damage and destroy a frame over time. Once a frame becomes distorted, the damage is often permanent and your frame is toast.
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