Ashway Crossfire II 16g Kevlar/Syn Gut


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Any of the play testers try out this Ashway hybrid pack? What are your thoughts and what tension would you recommend for say a 98 head size frame

TW Staff


I found good control from this hybrid, and the synthetic gut helps to provide decent comfort, considering Kevlar is an extremely stiff string material. I don't quite get the level of spin potential from this hybrid, compared to one such as Wilson Revolve/Gosen AK Pro CX. For tension, I would likely go with something around 48-50 pounds on the Kevlar mains, and about 52-54 pounds on the syn gut crosses. Keep in mind that I do prefer lower tensions, especially on stiffer strings like co-poly (kevlar is even stiffer).

Troy, TW


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Thanks Troy, I did try Crossfire ZX Pro which is pretty comfy compared to full poly and I’m getting heavy top spin. Just miss 16g as that’s what I am used to playing poly and always felt it helps with directional control. So i’m trying crossfire II but hope the syn gut will make it as comfy as the ZX pro