Asics G5 w/ Superfeet--stability issues


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Anyone else finding they have to keep relacing the Asics to get them stable?

My feet are sliding around a bit, even w/ two pairs of socks.

Putting Superfeet Blue in the shoe (I have low arches) also makes my foot kind of unstable. Wondering if anyone else has experienced either of these issues.


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The shoes feel mostly fine with two pairs of socks and their stock insoles. I haven't had any foot issues playing in them.

When stopping and pushing off though, I felt for whatever reason that the shoes were a tad lacking in the support department--like if I had to run very fast to a ball and then stop and push off. So I got some Superfeet blue and they immediately felt more supportive. However, the Superfeet seem to inhibit stability. On my serve I can feel my foot rocking over the arch and can't get stable. There were also a few instances when, while planting and hitting, I felt my ankle twist a bit.

Not sure Superfeet Blue are for me. Any suggestions? I have low-arched left foot and a right foot that is flat. I'd try Superfeet Green or Orange, but my concern is that putting a high arch on top of a shoe that already has arch support is asking for stability problems. And again, my feet don't hurt with the native arch in the GR5s.

Looking into other shoes as well.

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I got a pair of GR 4's from TW when they were on sale. I'm used to a more low-to-the-ground shoe and get that with the Asics Gel Game, but their newer generation is too narrow for my foot. Interesting comparisons though...

The Gel Resolution is more built up - by that, I mean that I can certainly feel extra "stuff" under my heel. At least the back half of my foot is farther from the court surface, so that means that there's extra lateral stress on my ankles when I accelerate from side to side (despite the rather substantial heel counter in my GR 4's).

While there's a strong argument to be made for having proper cushioning or shock absorption in a shoe, I've found the most stable and comfortable layout when my feet ride down closer to the court surface and when I also have proper ankle alignment with those shoes. Despite the cushioning in the GR 4's, my ankles have been much better off with a couple generations of the Gel Games - just hoping that some "shoe stretchers" can fix the narrow front end of my sneaks.

So velocity, I'm curious about the fit you're getting with your Gel Resolutions. You're describing what I'd experience if I played in shoes that were too wide for my feet. I used to use some Prince shoes for a while and always wore two pairs of socks, but still slid around inside them a bit... too wide for me.

The other thing that makes my feet more prone to sliding around inside my shoes are synthetic socks. Even with a good fitting shoe, those things are just more slippery for me. If I put a pair of synthetics under a pair of cotton socks, I do better than if I have the synthetic pair on the outside so that they're touching the insides of the shoes. Just my experience - get the width of you feet measured in case you don't know whether they're in the wrong shoes.


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GR5s stability

If I wear two pairs of socks they fit fine. No heel slippage. One pair of socks and they feel loose in the toe box and the heel.

Superfeet don't seem to help me.
Yup, I experience it too. The GR3 was a great fit but the GR4 is allowing movement in the toebox but I use only one pair of socks. I have also noticed the incline between toe and heel causing lateral stress. Sadly, I have developed a combination of plantar fasciitis and peroneal tendonitis on both feet. Arrggh. Do let us know which shoe insert works best for you.