Asics gel dedicate 8 reviews


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I bought a pair of Asic gel dedicate 8s today. Had a coupon, so 31.00. They feel much lighter than my New Balance MC1006. The NB feel a little heavy and clunky, not a very technical term, but very stable. Hopefully the Asics will give me a lighter and quicker reaction. If not, maybe help with fatigue. Any thoughts on these? Thanks, Don
These sneakers get a big thumbs up from me. I bough an all white pair around September/October of 2023, that was 5/6 months ago in the all-court version. They were my first tennis shoes and I used them on clay and hard courts, I definitely prefer them on hard courts but I generally prefer hard courts by a wide margin anyway. I love the shoes, they feel lightweight, they are true to size, have enough room in the toe box for my toes not to get jammed up, the lateral support is great as is the grip of the sole. The soles are getting worn out now and I am debating whether to buy another of the same pair or experiment with other shoes.