Asics Gel reso 3 or 4 vs Solution Speed (clay)


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I need new clay shoes, so.....

Which is better: Asics Gel Resolution 3 or 4 OR Asics Gel Solution Speed?

Fit is the same so I´m now considering the Solution Speed because it´s so much lighter.


I'd go with the speeds just because they are lower to the ground. Its tread pattern worries me because it is compact, though.


The Resolution will probably last longer, even on clay.

I have shoes varying from featherlight to brick-like. You'll only notice in long, long matches.

But I'm biased. The GelReso3 is my favorite shoe.


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I think I go for the Res3. The shoe sounds so good and the price is very good. If I buy Solutions, I think there is a small chance that they wont be so good. And the difference between Res3 and Res4 is so small, that there is no point to pay the difference.

Thanks for your comments....

Audioboy from snowy Finland :)


I'd say get whichever one you can find with a claycourt sole.
The allcourt sole is not very suitable for clay. You may not feel you're missing anything, but a proper sole adds so much more traction, it's a day and night difference.
You could also try the omnicourt sole, which has even more traction and is more suitable to smashcourt and artificial grass.

If you can find both with a claycourt sole, I'd opt for the solution speed because of their lightness, and since you're playing on clay, durability is not really an issue, and you also don't need as much stability as on hardcourt.

Or go for the cheaper ones, they're both great shoes anyway.


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"Or go for the cheaper ones, they're both great shoes anyway"

This is my point exactly ;)

The difference sounds so small, that I think that I don´t loose any points because of the shoes.The main point is now to get the shoes with the claycourt sole.

The downside is, that it seems that I can´t find the Res 3 with my size
(US 11, eur 45) from TWE :(


You could also go for the gel challenger 8's. They're a step below the resolutions and speeds, but still good shoes.

I went to a local shop for a pair of resolution 4's, but instead bought the challengers because they were a better fit for my feet.

The stability and/or cushioning should be a bit less, but because they fit so well I feel much more secure in 'm than in the resolutions which didn't fit as well (though still much better than all other shoes I tried).

Asics seem to run larger than other brands, so you may want to test the fit in an actual store before ordering them.


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I have tried the Resolutions, so I know the size. That´s also why I have been a bit uncertain about the Solution´s. If there is even a small difference in the size. But TWE confirmed me, that the size between Reso 3 and 4 and Solution Speed is the same. So that is one thing less to think about :)


Res 3 have a huge problem with durability. The mesh at the front of the shoe is the big problem. Where the mesh connects with the plastic there is design flaw.
It will wear off in couple of months and the hole will appear. Asics knows about it. I had 3 shoes with the same problem and also lot of my friends.
They have fixed this with Res 4. So no way I would go for res 3 now when there is res 4 with fixed mesh durability problem.
Btw: solutions are great shoes but little less stable than res 4. However you can expect this from such a light shoe
They also have issue for a small number of us who have issues with the side of the shoe rubbing against our ankles. I heard the 4s fixed this issue but it appears that people are complaining that it is too soft from the get go.


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I wonder how many people recommending the GRs have actually tried the Speeds? IMO the Speeds are one of the best shoes on the market. They definitely increase my speed to the ball, and are the most comfortable shoe I have tried. It isn't just the light weight that makes them great. I also have a pair of New Balance 851s, which are just as light as the speeds, and they aren't nearly as good a shoe.

The Speed's footbed provides an outstanding combination of cushioning and rebound, and I feel like I am launched toward the ball when I push off. FWIW, speed and quickness are the mainstays of my game, so I'm not sure if a slow player would feel these benefits.