ASICS Gel Resolution


According to Tennis Spin YT channel the Court FF3 will lauch on January of 2022 and new resolutions in august. Don't know if its true but he's a retailer so I think there is a high chance


As a longtime Gel Res user, I was looking forward to trying the GR8. A few weeks ago, I lucked into my size with the French blue GR8 from TW. Unfortunately, after putting in my orthotic footbed, I found the GR8 wouldn't fit me. After returning it (thanks TW), I kept looking and eventually found a GR7 in the tomato red/black colorway for $75! While nobody is going to be dazzled by my footwork (although that shoe is eye-catching), This will be my fourth pair of the GR7s, but I'm still pleased to have a high quality shoe that FITS and meets my particular needs.


The 2019/20 catalog was put on November 25th and the 2020/21 one on December 8th. Maybe we'll see a team catalog between the same months for the 2021/22 line. Unless something gets leaked earlier!