Asics GR6

Does anyone have issues with slipping on hard courts? I slide a lot into my shots and I slide when i need to, but these shoes seem to be extra slippery when im trying to change directions or take a quick step(imagine 3 strides but your shoe not catching so youre almost running in place)

I wanted to use them in tournaments but i cant if it feels like im skating, help is appreciated
I wear GR6's for match play. Don't know how much help anyone can be. That's the nature of the shoe. There are stickier shoes out there. Fortunately, most of my matches are on clay and I have other shoes for hard courts.

I'm used to sliding when I want to as I play pretty high level, but the asics are almost the slickest shoes with the exception of 2k11 zoom cage nikes
You want to slide but not slip? Are you opposed to your shoes feeling sticky? If not then use some hair spray or something.
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Update, I slipped and pulled my groin

I've played in these barely and now I'm going to sell them

If anyone wants them look in classifieds or hit me up