Asics shoes

jim e

To TW: I have hit with Asics Gel Challenger 6 and Gel Challenger 8 shoes size 12 for a good # of years that came from TW. Now I see that the Gel challenger 10 says to order a half size smaller, this was never listed for the older challengers, but is that a half size smaller in comparison to other asics, or is this in comparison to the older Gel Challenger line up, as I wear size 12 in the Gel Challenger 6 and 8,so would it be the same with the Challenger10,as I do not know what size to order as the description says to order a 1/2 size smaller but does not say what that comparison is made to. It would be nice to know if the Challenger line up is the same size as it was for last # of years, or is it different now??

TW Staff

jim e,

We have several playtesters try on the shoes to get an accurate fit description. If you are a size 12 in general, then we would recommend you order a 11.5. We have found on average that this version of the shoes runs a half sizes bigger than a true size 12. Hope that makes sense.

Brittany, TW