ASO ankle brace sizing question


Can anyone with the ASO ankle brace give me some feedback on how the fit is? According to the sizing chart they have, my ankle circumference measures out to be a medium but my shoe size states I am a small. Being in-between recommended sizes.. should I opt for a smaller or bigger brace? Is it better to have a brace that is a bit too small or a bit too large? Thanks!


I'd go with the smaller size, they do stretch out a bit after some wear. I'm a size 9 and I use the small, although I also have a couple of medium sizes as well.


Bionic Poster
Also, your instep varies in height and width. Wide guys with high insteps, maybe need the M. Flat feet and narrow feet, S.
They do seem to stretch about an inch over 15 usages, meaning the retention straps.