Assessing Federer's Two-Handed Backhand


His follow through is a bit weird. You usually let your non dominant hand take over after you've hit the ball, for a nice smooth follow through. He kinda keeps his right hand in control and lets the non-dominant hand awkwardly hand on to racquet.

At least that's what it seems like to me. I know nothing about 2hbh technique.


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Funny, I have a pretty nice one-hander (for a 4.5 player) and that's how I look when I try to hit with two hands. Very clumsy and awkward looking, especially in the follow-through.

I never could learn it properly. Maybe that was Federer's problem too?


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Interestingly, Tsonga has a decent 1 hander and uses it sometimes in matches.
Ugh! Decent?? No comparison. Tsonga's 1HBH is ugly as sin. Sometimes he hits it for a last-gasp attempt at a winner, but it's more of a slap than a stroke.