Assessing the 2012 US Open final (preview)

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by Laurie, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Laurie

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    How do you guys see this match going? My assessment is this. I have to make Djokovic the favourite (no surprise) and in that case it is up to Andy Murray to make the difference. Now usually what Murray does is not good enough to make the difference, therefore Murray has to do these things in my opinion:

    1. Think back to two months ago and how he beat Djokovic and Federer back to back. Murray was prepared to take the game to those two players, and not wait for them to dictate play and for him to react as has happened so many times previously.

    2. Murray will have to be prepared to take more risks today. Prepared to hit down the lines more often and probably be prepared to pull the trigger one or two shots earlier than his instincts normally would. If he gets into long rallies too often Djokovic will come out on top in the end.

    3. Murray MUST use the down the middle serve as often as possible on the ad court and not just rely on the big serve out wide on the big points. His serving pattern can be far too predictable but he showed in the Olympic final he can serve down the middle at around 120 mph with slice stretching the other guy. Ok, that's not the biggest but as long as it is well placed it is a vital tactic today for Murray if he wants to win this match.

    What does Djokovic have to do to win?

    Just play his normal game, Djokovic plays at a very high level consistently so even though he can be mentally tempermental, his level stays more or less the same anyway.

    We saw yesterday that Serena knew she had to take lots of risks to beat Azarenka, go for lots of winners and aces because Azarenka is consistent. Serena almost came unstuck, consistency almost triumphed over risk taking. If Murray wants to win today, he must also take much more risks because Djokovic will play steady and hit deep in the corners over and over again.

    If Murray doesn't takes risks, then it is a new (unwanted!!) record.

  2. Fedex

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    Jul 2, 2009
    A big factor also is who has more left in the tank.
    The scheduling was favorable to Murray this time but Djokovic had an easier draw and practically strolled to the final but credit to him for having the ability to do that.
    The final can be won based on how much energy has been conserved.
    Alternatively, you could also argue that Murray is more battle hardened having to go through 3 big hitters in a row, Raonic, Cillic and Bedych or you could argue that that has taken it's toll. It's usually the latter for Murray.
    You mentioned how Murray straight setted Djokovic and Federer back to back at the Olympics. Murray on that form wins the slam IMO, however, it isn't there.
    Still playing very well but it's going to take a lot more blood and guts from him this time to win his first.

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