At what temp do you switch string setups?

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think 80+ weather is behind me now.

Transitioning frames to gut/poly currently and it has felt so nice! Ball is staying in the court with plenty of spin.


I only change if the temps are in the 80+ range. I do not play outdoors much below 60 or so. I string 3-4 lbs higher in the 80+ temps. I usually have one racquet strung for high temps and one strung for low temps. Low temps about the same down 3-4 lbs.
Haven't changed for temperature only, but have changed for altitude. Having played in Pagosa Springs, Co at over 9000 feet and in Durango, Co at over 4000 feet, I went up 5-7 pounds.


In summer I’m usually on Poly mains and multi crosses.

Once weather starts to dip below 65 I’ll swap it around to multi mains and poly crosses.