Atlanta 2017 ATP General Discussion


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sir john seems to be ok with his status as a big bloke who wins little titles..they have all been atp250s haven't they ?.

nothing wrong with that I suppose, he gets some wins, then a trophy, a decent payday at the end. prob more fun than losing rd 3 of bigger tourneys.
Still, unless he's hell-bent on cornering the market in 250 titles, I think it's high time he started looking for something a bit bigger to add to his resumé before he's done. He's been in multiple Masters finals so I'm sure he's capable.


I was hoping for Isner. He kept me on the edge of my seat with that one.
Dropped his 65 or so straight games won on serve. He was annoyed about that and smashed his racquet playing fist into the strings so hard he needed treatment to stop the blood flow.
That seemed to get to Harrison, who dropped his next service game, out of character for the match.

250's are there to spread it around a bit..

Nice run big man :)