ATP 250 : Brisbane : Jan 4- 11

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I don't know how anyone can really dislike Ana, it's a bit like Federer in that regard, neither of them do anything that should make people dislike them.

Ana is extremely talented, better to watch than the ball-bashers like Sharapova and Serena, and her attitude is always very positive.

My reason for liking her isn't entirely tennis-related though. :grin:
I have two reasons for liking her! Shes Serbian and the other thing your thinking about right now ;) :lol:


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WOW Nishikori vs Raonic, both players are playing impressive tennis
Nishikori had a break point, Raonic hit like 3 massive forehand winners in the last game


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This match is boring but amusing(?), i don't know how to explain it. Probably the most uncharismatic guys on tour.


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Kei's missed DTL forehand at 30-15 was a shame, way long.
That one's Rafa's specialty, around the net and he usually makes it too!


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I don't usually mind serve-based players, but their strategy of doing little in return games with the intention of just hanging on for a tiebreak is getting old on me a bit.

That's why I like to see Raonic/Isner etc. lose tiebreaks as it will hopefully encourage them to learn how to return properly.


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I am indeed watching on channel 7 here in Australia.
We've gone to an ad break. :lol:

Raonic hasn't been broken the whole match according to the commentators.
Servebotting indeed.
No just that you implied Raonic doesn't try in the return games and that's not what i see ;) Nishikori is clutch on his service games though