ATP agrees to M1000 expansion


Grass masters here we come (or it could be 96 player draws for all masters which would be good for players ranked between 40-80).


To many M1000 packed together already one after another! Players need a break! Plus TV coverage will be limited, many matches will not be telecast!

I for another GS tournament between AO and FO. Where to do it is the big question since has to be warm!
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Thats an old photo of Eastbourne. It already has a 3rd show court

Plus, the WTA tourney is of a higher standing than the ATP one. So I dont see the WTA giving up thie tourney for the ATP masters one.


When is this expansion happening though?

Usually these plans are for things 5+ years down the line


Make one of the pre-AO tournaments in Australia/NZ a Masters tournament. Weird to go into the 1st Slam of the year with only small tournaments preceding it.

Why make the grass court season more important when most young players don’t ever play on grass and it has become the domain of only older players who slowly get used to movement on grass.