ATP agrees to M1000 expansion


The schedule should be two outdoor hard Masters, the Australian Open, two clay Masters, Roland Garros, two grass Masters, Wimbledon, two indoor hard Masters, the US Open (now an indoor hard slam).


Get rid of 500 and 250 events and pnly have 6 m1000 events. Less is more.
The minor events are more important to up and comer players, players that have taken a break due to long time injuries and player that have fallen out of qualifying for 1,000 events. If you eliminate them, they would have to play in the Challenger level tournaments that a win gives them 50-75 points! They would never earn enough to get into the qualifying tournaments of the main draw 1000s!
My opinion on expansion of Masters should have been, first week, 96 draw Masters - 10 days event for season opening tournament, replacing ATP cup 2 1/2 weeks before AO. Then hosting 2 usual Masters, in IW and Miami, one grass Masters event, either Queens or Halle hosting Masters or two grass Masters, Queen and Halle back to back right after RG. I do not see any issues with that, it allows for truly proper elite warm-up events back to back. Reduce ATP 500 events participant requirement from 4 to 2 as a good compromise with players choosing to skip at least one Master event per year on their choice.


When it says expansion does it mean more tournaments, or making the tournaments they have bigger? :-D Also, what the hell do those last two points mean?


I have to imagine they add a Masters which will probably be grass in Halle (for Germany) and what they seem to be implying is expanding all the draws to 96.

They would of course have to change up the schedule quite significantly. For one you obviously need to extend grass by at least a week, add a week between Canada-Cincinnati and probably have 2 Masters not mandatory which I would again assume means Monte Carlo and the new grass Masters unless they do in Paris which will just collapse.

Open Stance

Red hard court looks really nice. Not sure why almost every one currently is either blue or green.
Virtually all hard courts are blue because it is easier to see the ball on TV. Definitely harder to see the ball on a red least to my old eyes.


Make one of the pre-AO tournaments in Australia/NZ a Masters tournament. Weird to go into the 1st Slam of the year with only small tournaments preceding it.

Why make the grass court season more important when most young players don’t ever play on grass and it has become the domain of only older players who slowly get used to movement on grass.
It is the traditional surface...if Next Gen kids are not mastering it.....then It is not the fault of the surface but only points to the poor adaptation skills of Next Gen


Now they can convert Hamburg to grass and move it before Wimbledon, boosting it back to Masters level in the process.
Best move.
And need to scrap Paris masters and play grass Masters there as well, expanding grass season. So we can get good grass prodigies.


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I don’t think they will upgrade. I think they will add, and they will add in places where they think they can earn decent money from hosting it there… India, Japan, another in China spring to mind.