ATP comeback player farce

always injured when he loses or doesnt play unless its clay if he has a niggle

cant play by the rules

needs a leg up from the officials

and like the "champion he is" he takes it

any advantage he will take

You’re getting way too worked up over a popularity award there Jr. 8-B


Hall of Fame


Hall of Fame
It's great you mentioned that Opelka received a time violation warning! :D Besides, Opelka was cheating those who don't know that the tournaments use the shot clock and a player can't take more time between points than the shot clock allows.
You are shameless


Hall of Fame
No doubt Nadal and Murray will win their categories. Murray probably deserves his award, but I would give the sportsmanship award to Ruud
Can you point to something he's done that showcases good sportsmanship? (Agree that Rafa's not the right pick).